Fuji Concrete Vibrator

FUJI FV 45 Flexible Vibrator Cross-section View

The all-new FUJI Concrete Vibrator is upgraded with improved features. The Rotary Shafts, Housing and Head Caps are of high quality material. These parts have been specially hardened for extra durability. The flexible hose is reinforced with double braided steel mesh to last longer.

By adopting the special pendulum type of vibration it overcomes the defects of conventional vibrators.


  •  Rotational speed is about 3,000 r.p.m. which is about one-third that of convetional vibrator. Hence wear and teat of the flexible shaft and other rotating parts are extremely little, reducing trouble to a minimum.
  •  Flexible shaft is not affected by vibration because it is conneted to th evibrator shaft through a unique spring.
  •  Flexible shaft can be connected to the prime mover in one motion without using any tools.


Model FV 28 FV 32 FV 38 FV 45 FV 60
Vibration (v.p.m) 9,500 -12,500
Revolution (r.p.m) 3,000
Flexible Shaft (Diameter x Length) 10mm x 6m 12mm x 6m